The NCSFNSS works with its member and partner Nations through regular SSHARC meetings to discuss fisheries matters of regional importance and how best to address them. Most of the work focuses on species that are highly valued by the Nations for food, means of income, and/or ceremonial purposes; these include salmon, eulachon and crab. The NCSFNSS’ fisheries work is primarily funded by the Department of Fisheries and Ocean’s Aboriginal Aquatic Resource and Oceans Management (AAROM) program. This funding is used by the NCSFNSS to support engagement with the member and partner Nations in advisory and decision-­‐making processes related to fisheries science and management. The NCSFNSS convenes a Joint Technical Working Group with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans as a means of sharing information, addressing fisheries topics of mutual interest, and strengthening working relationships.

The main areas of work of the NCSFNSS fisheries program are:


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